One community, a world of difference

26 March 2018

Greetings to all and, thank you for tuning in to read this humble expression.
It has been an exciting AY2017/28 and we are now approaching the final, almost end of semester two.

Indeed, change is constant with the big economy and just as an educational body, tuning our young learners to adapt in the future world is the challenge in the mind of most school’s policy and curriculum designers.
Better education is the new buzzword and life long learning follows suit, in tandem with the transformation that takes place in the work environment. In the future, our students who enter the workforce will face the prospect of changing job twice as often as we do now, it will become the new norm.
So, being able to adapt, survive and adapt as believing that life will be rosy once the student gets that degree will be bombarded with even more new questions, alternatives are aplenty, is it necessary to get that degree? One may ask.
Classroom transformation carries heavy weight and teachers role in the inquiry world of learning that HWA adopts must take the responsibility to transfer learning knowledge to our students.
Students are led to ask, questions that never been asked, there should not be limiting the process of asking, raising and provoking the child to ask critically and lead them to analysis to understand and evaluate facts is the inculcating of learning and it never stops.
Curating takes place in classrooms, the power of yet must be part of a continuous journey to discover, so more enterprising solutions can be found, more can be learned.
HWA seeks to improve and believe that a rigorous education that encourages new questions and newer answers by our students so they become adaptable to the new world, and their future.
HWA looks for improvement, curriculum refreshes to take learning to another level. Children must learn to face risks that will help prepare them for life’s challenges.
We encourage parents to be involved in the learning process, the mini-tests, quiz, projects, presentations in both languages and many more are part of the assessment to scaffold our children’s development and learning in the Inquiry world. Do enforce the process at home, support the process, as parents and HWA journey to build the foundation of knowledge in our kids, so as to empower breakthrough of the young minds.
Thank You.
Clarissa Lim, Principal
我们鼓励家长参与学生的学习过程,各种测验、专题作业 ,双语演讲表达等都是评估学生学习的一部分,有助于学生在探究中的学习与技能的发展。请家长在家里帮助学生强化并支持这个过程,家长和HWA共同努力,为我们的孩子打下牢固的知识基础,从而增强他们的探究能力。