One community, a world of difference

9 April 2018

Warm greetings to all!

There are hot discussions these days with the released of news articles covering the survey of graduates’ outcome in Singapore.

Of course, the universities discussed here are graduates salary of the autonomous versus the private universities.

It seems ironic as it’s not about which education pathway to take, what matters more is the final outcome, a degree accreditation that earns more.

Pausing, one starts to wonder, if all else being equal, which is the best path?

The education industry is seriously taking on a different landscape, while examinations are prevailing, change becomes the norm.

Educators are filled with resplendent terms and jargons to explain the educational programs and pathway they represent. All may sound convincing, but none can verify which is the best.

If we were to take a step backward, do a breather and clear the visual; usually there are observable criteria to fulfil in order to achieve the “authentic degree”. The real question now will be, “How to achieve that desirable outcome?”

Think simply, let’s get back to the basic of education.

An education framework structures itself around child centricity, purposefully, to develop, nurture, build inquisitive mind set, and boldly nudge the child to venture to seek the answer. Importantly and yet subtly, the learner is ingrained with knowledge throughout the formative years in school.

Learner must be taught to recognise that effort is the source and beginning of it all, otherwise, transformation can’t take place. Resilience is built through trials and failures. It’s the trying that success will eventually come.

Seriously, all these cannot be achieved by the child, after all, they are young, and have not acquired the maturity to master the skill set. It is said that maturity comes after past twenty.

Hence, parental roles become crucial for young children and teens, learners truly need the guidance and the constant support of their families, combined with the tight webbed connection with the school. The joint cooperation will ensure learner will be wise to make to the decision to enter the choice university with informed knowledge and undertaking of responsibilities.

Clarissa Lim, Principal