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23 April 2018

Greetings to Parents, Guardians, and Students

It’s been a fast week break and we have finally arrived at the last part of the academic year.

The whole administrative team has been hard at work to send the important documents to parents and guardians, and many queries have been coming in. Of which, besides the standard fee structures on how it works and what it encompasses, the most interesting questions and I am glad to receive are those revolving the programs for the students for the new AY 2018 /19.

Indeed, many adjustments are in the final stage of planning and of course, it’s students centric. For a start, CAS will take a leap to include G6 for their overseas program. G6, besides the refining in the learning outcome, will also join the middle years for their first trip on the IB mission, to serve and to reach out. A few countries have been listed and we are finalising the chosen country. Very likely this will take place around September and you will receive newsletter before this AY ends, look out for our newsletter.

PYP will welcome exciting happenings, the introduction of different types of assessment focusing on the developmental components, bilingually, such as listening, speaking, writing and presentation skills. Students will be trained with a perspective to understand the final outcome of IB’s completions tailored to their levels.

MYP will tune into a pathway under the IB framework where focus learning on subjects will be presented with views from professional bodies. Learning will venture out of the classroom.

IBDP will be seeing guest lecturers coming in to spike up lessons. This allows the students to experience what’s lesson will be like in the university and the expectation of a project work submission.

As an international school, IB teachers are an important resource we treasure. IB teachers take up this teaching profession because of their love for traveling to another IB school when their contract is due. This new AY will also mean a movement of some of the teaching staff. Similarly, we have received resume of new teachers who are keen to join us. Hence, I beseech parents and guardians to understand the nature of the IB industry and have faith in the school, the system and HWA will commit to bringing in qualified teachers to ensure the standard is levelled up.

HWA is invited by MOE to take part in the PISA examination and our students just completed the gruesome 4 hours papers. They emerged smiling and we are eager to hear of their good news. What’s important is HWA’s kids are recognised and have the fair chance to take part in this exam as creditably as any student in the government school.

Many more events are now in the planning and we are thrilled to welcome the new AY 2018/19 with varieties of experiences and not to miss, is our one month star Huijia cultural and immersion exchange program for international students who are planning to take IB/HL Syllabus A Chinese paper seriously as their choice subject.

This is a powerful pathway that will provide the child a wide choice to study in Greater China’s top universities as a foreign student. Our team of knowledgeable teachers, coupled with our prestigious headquarters Huijia International School consultants, will be able to provide the platform to train the candidate for the best placement with their predicted IBDP score. Such pathway is definitely the first in Singapore and is the first to grasp such chance to enjoy to the fullest what an IBO bilingual program can offer for your wards.

HWA is blessed to have a renowned parent school, Huijia that is top ranking international school in Beijing. With all these blessed elements, we are gearing up and continue to seek ways to level up ourselves to ally with this new geopolitical movement in the world.

One can proudly says that HWA’s IBD graduates are provided with the best of the EAST and WEST universities, ample choices one will never mind the headache, over a cuppa of coffee.

Be part of HWA, join us as we provide a powerful alternate pathway for your precious future and leaders in the making.

Thank you.


Clarissa Lim