One community, a world of difference

11 June 2018

Warm Greetings from HWA!

Within the next few days, it will mark the end of academic year 2017/18.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have faith in HWA and trust the management with your precious kids. We will do our upmost best to ensure and deliver the pledge we make to provide the best and holistic learning journey for the next academic year.

Presently, while the whole team is preparing for the completion of the final term, various preparations are simultaneously taking place for the new academic year, 2018/19.

HWA also like to thank the teachers who are leaving us and moving on to another phase of their career path, a characteristic of international school working environment, nonetheless, we wish them the very best in their endeavours.

Moving on, our preparation never stops in HWA. Innovative ideas, classroom planning, defining duties, right to the detail of decorating all the classrooms. Even the most straightforward task makes the significant difference to welcome our returning and new students, and we look forward to meeting all of your smiley faces.

The step to improvising classrooms learning to outdoor indeed concerns delicate and intricate step-by-step consideration. How will our learner feel, think and respond? Will the experience provoke inquiry beyond? How far can the facilitation get them to? Yes, we have produced that, of course, it requires refining and tuning, and eagerly, the inspiring teaching team looks forward to the outcome, this is a remarkably positive mindset in action.

Recently, I have the opportunity to savour a book during my overseas business trip. Soukyouiku To Tensai by Kyuichi Kimura. Mr. Kimura, a well-known child educationist and psychologist, penned this last book before his passing. This book still cause a sensation for modern educationists this day and in his book, he collated success stories of gifted children. Interestingly, the evidence points to early childhood preparation.

Many educationists advocate "Play" as the component of early childhood learning success, but Mr. Kimura emphasized resilience and experiential learning with the trigger point from child's query, and he reminded fine and purposeful education must inaugurate at age 0. This almost compliments to HWA-IB's philosophy of knowledge and education framework. 

In my belief, learning is each moment, but it can be too laborious if parents have to grab every moment to teach, share, and ensure knowledge is transferred to the child. Why not let the child experiment by his effort, yet, intently creates the opportunity? However, care is needed not make challenging and unintentional obstacles and unachievable goals, it could lead to a psychology fear in the developing years. Just thoughts to share with parents.

Thank you HWA’s parents and guardians and students, wish you all a happy summer break!

Clarissa Lim