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Welcome back to school

Warm greetings to Parents, Guardians, and Students.

Welcome back to school, HWA looks forward to your homecoming, and we are excited to take you with us for AY 2018/19.

Teachers together with the support staff spend enormous hours preparing for your return, and we stand united to see that you enjoy this new academic year and grow beyond to achieve success.

As we journey through the new months to come, it will be wonderful to share these series of central theme about development, inquiry, findings in and out of classrooms, and layered with lots of thoughts, put into planning the curriculum within the framework for HWA’s kids.

HWA’s PYP is taking a step forward to empower the kids in the process learning to achieve the desired outcome in social development. Interactive sports and arts will take center stage in the learning process; kids will have the exposure of eastern and eastern techniques in art lessons, Chinese poems are part of Chinese learning in cultural learning classes, not forgetting the strokes that govern the basis of Chinese characters. Sports will be milestone development intensive. With the central theme guiding students direction within IB’s framework, the dominant start will give the students a broad space in relationship building and inter-actions engagement. Students learn rules and regulations that govern the process, a compulsory set of values for IB students in profile development.

MYP and DP take on the track of more profound meaning in social development where deliberate planning is embedded in indoor and outdoor activities. CAS’s operations and processes that enable the individual to decipher the mental and emotional states and the intentions of others, and organize his or her actions toward others accordingly. Imitation, actual or mental, decentring and taking the other’s perspective, are examples of operations involved in understanding. CAS-Japan trip is probably the most significant with the turn up for this volunteer group of environmentalists to show how to take learning out of the classroom, into a social community in a developed nation, Japan.

As we move along, more of the developmental and activities progress will be shared with stakeholders. Our excitement over our kids' growth never wears off. At HWA, all our hearts are united to ensure student’s centrism grow strong and firm.

Let’s welcome this new Academic year with trust, belief, and faith in the whole team of HWA.

Thank you.

Clarissa Lim