One community, a world of difference

26 November 2018

Greetings probably have to be Yohoho... Christmas is near!

Time flies, warm greetings to parents and guardians.

It’s been fast, it seems like quite recently we just had our school term started, with teachers leading students to respective classes, and followed with the celebration for Mid-autumn festival, tailing behind is Halloween, and now, teachers are busy collaborating with students for the next event, to end the year with a Christmas party!

Singapore streets are now dolled up with Christmas decorations, stores are preparing for this festive seasons. Yes, it’s the time for reflection.

I met a G3 boy the other day, he smiled at me as if ready for me to ask a question, and so I did. “ Jacob, what’s international mindedness? “ I asked him candidly. He paused, and I loved that deep thinking state he was immersed. I stooped down to his eye level, and he answered eagerly,” It’s like you help to clean up the table after eating, even for friends, without been told.” Hmm… not exactly the best definition, but a good explanation, at least at his understanding.

Yes, international-minded is one of the components that IBO schools inculcate in our learners. It promotes understanding, respect value differences among communities, embrace diversity. It allows us to work in harmony within the community, encourage collaboration and the outcome is a learner who demonstrates empathy, and compassion towards others.

Has Jacob demonstrated that? Well, he has, he went further to tell me, “I think I must clean up to help.” He cares for the community, his school. He has the seed of Champion mindset, a little contribution that goes a long way.

We want it, Champion Mindset.  HWA works hard to promote such value in our kids, one of the bicultural characteristics is embracing and helping each other, without doubts. One only needs to go back to basic, to unlearn and relearn, we can have Jacob’s spirit, with that extra bit, we can make our community, our country a better place to live.

With the end of Semester 1 around the corner, it will be ambitious to have all students demonstrating Jacob’s spirit, BUT, HWAs' students can testify to that because we have almost completed doing one big thing in unison for the community at large. I will share it in the next writing. Cheers!

Thank you.


Clarissa Lim