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From the principal's desk

Welcome back to school

Warm greetings to Parents, Guardians, and Students.

Welcome back to school, HWA looks forward to your homecoming, and we are excited to take you with us for AY 2018/19.

Teachers together with the support staff spend enormous hours preparing for your return, and we stand united to see that you enjoy this new academic year and grow beyond to achieve success.

11 June 2018

Warm Greetings from HWA!

Within the next few days, it will mark the end of academic year 2017/18.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have faith in HWA and trust the management with your precious kids. We will do our upmost best to ensure and deliver the pledge we make to provide the best and holistic learning journey for the next academic year.

Presently, while the whole team is preparing for the completion of the final term, various preparations are simultaneously taking place for the new academic year, 2018/19.

23 April 2018

Greetings to Parents, Guardians, and Students

It’s been a fast week break and we have finally arrived at the last part of the academic year.

The whole administrative team has been hard at work to send the important documents to parents and guardians, and many queries have been coming in. Of which, besides the standard fee structures on how it works and what it encompasses, the most interesting questions and I am glad to receive are those revolving the programs for the students for the new AY 2018 /19.

9 April 2018

Warm greetings to all!

There are hot discussions these days with the released of news articles covering the survey of graduates’ outcome in Singapore.

Of course, the universities discussed here are graduates salary of the autonomous versus the private universities.

It seems ironic as it’s not about which education pathway to take, what matters more is the final outcome, a degree accreditation that earns more.

Pausing, one starts to wonder, if all else being equal, which is the best path?

26 March 2018

Greetings to all and, thank you for tuning in to read this humble expression.
It has been an exciting AY2017/28 and we are now approaching the final, almost end of semester two.

15 January 2018

Warmest greetings to Parents, Students and, fellow colleagues.

It’s a wonderful time to enjoy this festive leading up to Chinese Lunar New Year in this cool weather.

The start of semester 2 sees HWA’s teaching team vibes up with much interesting backs to back preparations for the students.

The first being Chinese New year celebration and next is the registration of HSK for students.

02 January 2018

Greetings to Parents, Students, and the magnificent team of HWA.

Wish all of you a Happy New 2018 and welcome a God Blessed year!

Indeed, with the reflective departure of 2017 and the welcoming of 2018, HWA is fully ready to embrace the New Year with many improved and refined planning, introducing enhanced services, such as social-emotional support, language tutorial lessons just for our very own HWA’s students.

11 December 2017

I have 2 boys sitting across me on two occasions. Both are about the same age but both see me for different reasons.

Both are thinking hard for their future, the pursuant to their dreams, both are motivated and determined, but they decided on different pathways.

One has decided to end his formal education to pursue vocational training even it is just 6 months to complete his rightful education journey, the other is motivated to complete this path to embark to move to his “dream” university. Both have urgent tasks. They need to make decisions.

06 November 2017

Greetings to all!
In a fast-paced society where change is the only constant, the education sector is urged to move with the times and continually seek betterment.

But change is only possible with the right team to make things happen. Academic institutions and schools alike need to initiate firm assessment to ensure the right candidates are matched to key management positions. Careful selection of Management staff, teachers and non teaching staff are equally crucial to ensure that students receive the guidance and mentorship they deserve.

17 October 2017


Come 23 October, HWA will continue it's next phrase of learning journal for our precious students, gearing towards Christmas and the countdown of 2017.

This one week of break allows a brief change of lifestyles break in habits for all the teachers, students and parents alike.

Waking up later than usual, having lazy breakfast at grandparents' place or a holiday resorts for some of the families, this break provides just the needed refreshing change.