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Management Team

Clarissa Lim

Clarissa enjoyed a colourful and successfully career in the fast-paced business world. During her heightened career, she produced many mega marketing and branding projects for corporate companies for MNCs, SMEs and Statutory boards, both locally and APAC. She made a daring exit during the pinnacle of her career and embark into the ever demanding sector, Education. Right after completing her last and largest project for National Day Parade as the Executive Producer.

Education industry gives her the real experience of “a concern parent's perspective” that soon emerges as her core strength in counselling and workshops for parents. Clarissa, as a parent, too endures on the patient-testing but a sure rewarding outcome of grooming her only son, who recently graduated as one of the top award winning student, academically and holistically, with scholarship offered and awaiting to further his study in an ivy league university.

She commits whole-heartedly to the development and growth of children she works with, from Early Childhood to Tertiary education, passionately investing in countless professional courses in her continuing educational journey so as to keep pace with the dynamic industrial shift and demand.

Indeed, learning never ends, she further ventures into developing curriculum and explore integrating learning methodologies, by collaborating with overseas universities, that develop best possible education pathways to guide students she works with.

“All young learners are allowed choices, just guide them well in their early years and make sure the parents are on board”. As an educator, Clarissa believes every child's development can be well achieved when carefully crafted. Children are special gift from God, they are talented in their own ways. Parents and educators alike, as to what Clarissa will say, “We are just facilitators, do our parts and nurture the kids to be his own master, let them have the abilities to change and shake the world”.