A cohesive environment for our children

Specialist Teachers

Mona Lim
Music Department

Music is the art of our souls, and that is reason enough for me to want to impart skills and hone talent at HWA. I like that HWA is a forward-looking, progressive school that allows teachers more flexibility and creative freedom to design their own curricula in alignment with IB requirements.  I have more than 10 years of teaching experience. I have choreographed for the Chingay performance in Singapore, the St. Patrick’s Day event with the Irish Embassy in Singapore, and for the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010. I am also a member of the Artistic Resource Panel for the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, contributes to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and have been an external examiner for the University of Wales. For my contribution to the Arts in Singapore, I was recently awarded a Special Recognition Award. I hope to continue to allow the colourful experiences I have had to benefit students at HWA.


Rufino Gabriel Villanueva
Physical Education Department

There are amazing things that can come from sports and physical activity when students actively participate and get moving! They learn to work as a team to solve movement and activity problems, they learn to feel as one with the group via participation, and in the process, build rapport with their peers. At HWA, this, too, is clear when it comes to other disciplines apart from physical education. In addition, a sense of strong support from the staff and parents makes HWA a very welcoming community. Everyone works together in harmony, and in this togetherness, we feel a great sense of the HWA spirit.

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