A cohesive environment for our children

Student Support Staff

Obana Hannie Rose

Hi everyone! I’m Rose from healthcare, and am better known to most as the school nurse. I am trained in basic life support, first aid, CPR and AED. Prior to joining HWA and arriving in Singapore, I worked as a nurse for various hospitals in Manila, Philippines, and have met people from across many walks of life. What I like most about HWA is the multicultural environment. Everyone is treated fairly here, and it never matters where you come from—everybody brings something to the table, with smiles on their faces.


Margo Husthwaite

I’m a qualified social worker, teacher, and mediator, and have lived and worked in the UK, Holland, USA and Singapore for the past 15 years. In my experience at HWA, I find that the children here are happy, relaxed and comfortable in the cozy school environment. There is a blending of cultures and ethnicities, which encourages interdependence and tolerance. The fusion of English with Chinese is done professionally and well. As the school’s counselor, I believe that children need to learn in safe spaces where they are cared for and know their boundaries. I make myself available for chats with the children in their classrooms and during their breaks. Aside from counseling, I also teach classes from Kindergarten upwards on conflict management, friendships and behavioral issues, and work directly with individuals, groups, classes, teachers, and parents.