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What ‘Transdisciplinary’ Means for your Child

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians,

Many of you would have stumbled upon the term ‘transdisciplinary’ throughout yours or your child’s IB education. But what does it mean, exactly?

Over this weekend, I read an article in The Independent about how countries such as Finland are reforming their entire education system to something called ‘phenomenon-based’ teaching, where students are taught by topic, as opposed to subject-specific lessons. Not unlike the IB PYP, ‘phenomenon’ teaching encourages students to combine knowledge and skills from different subject areas in a classroom activity.

And HWA is not trailing behind. If you’ve got the time this week, be sure not to give the article a miss--you may appreciate how our PYP is constantly incorporating best practices in education, much more proactively than many national or state curriculums around the world.

Manju Nair
Head of Kindergarten and Primary School

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