One community, a world of difference

28 October 2018

Warm Greetings to all!

It's impressive to see HWA's team comes out in full force for this Halloween 2018. This 100% effort comes from PSG, HWA’s most important partner, they are fabulous and totally united, from snacks to games, photo booths, popcorns, games, it’s just awesome to see the real force from behind our students. No wonder our kids handle Chinese as one of the first languages as well.

Together with the kids’ fantastic costumes, make-up, and of course the laughter. Echoes through the air and for a moment, nobody remembers it's a school. It has transformed into a fun and spooky playground.

Indeed, a simple event resonates the spirit of cultural embracing in HWA,  a mighty community with diversified cultures back up with as many as 39 countries representation. Many Asian students and parents ask me what's this festive about? Why is there a celebration of the western Ghost festival? Is this similar to the Asian Seventh month? A series of non-stop asking, demonstrating the very IB inquisitive mindset. Learning comes alive.

How does cultural celebration form part of formative learning in HWA? How can any simple festive evoke knowledge that is the very essence of HWA's infused education?

It's noted that cultural awareness creates an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and feel connected. A strong sense of belonging helps children understand and appreciate differences in themselves and others, which ultimately benefits their mental health and wellbeing.

Cultural understanding, proven by many experts, starting at schooling years allow students to become aware of differences among people and begin to form opinions and attitudes about these differences, positive or negative outcome will depend on who is the contact person sharing.

Showing support for cultural diversity involves talking and building relationships, exploring how best to include, respect the various cultural needs. The real essence of valuing and respecting diversity encourages students to see differences among individuals and assist in the grouping.

Yes, through the many events that are celebrated in the HWA's school community, which does not carry religions connotation, clearly demonstrated cultural diversity, an essential process of international mindedness.

Clarissa Lim