One community, a world of difference

19 December 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for being with HWA for this wonderful semester 1, 2018. Yes, we have arrived at the end of the term and, yet preparing for the start of next semester, 7 January 2019. 

I have shared how holistic learning in HWA for 2018 will take to a great height previously. Truly, in conjunction with HWA’s all members pledged to UNESCO Hawker Culture; hypes of activities took center stage daily. The activities worked to achieve the important outcome of IB Philosophy, demonstrating the learner’s profile, showcasing international mindedness. 

The whole of MYP and PYP worked together to welcome the elderly from Thye Hwa Kwan Moral homes, Toa Payoh division, elders made their pilgrim trip to HWA, experiencing the warmth of an IB school, enjoying a yummy Hawker fare with our kids; they experienced service excellence from HWA’s team, followed by Nasi Lemak or a choice of Meat porridge. 

HWA’s multi-national students demonstrated the IB profile and extend warm to the elderly. The conversation was carried out in the high standard “Putonghua”- Mandarin, our guests were so impressed with polished mandarin our students mastered, there were further entertained by our G3 and 4 “Boys’ Band” – a dance number.  Surely they have so much to remember for them and it will possibly be a talk for them in the center, for a long time.

Finally, they were presented with two bundles of  “healthy” afternoon snacks from the whole HWA’s teaching and administrative team to bring back to their center. It’s our way of sharing Christmas with the community.  The emotional scene evoked tear in our staff, they have missed their grandparents back home.

With the whole week of “Hawker fare”, the students savored their proposed choices of local hawker delights, and the crescendo ended with a free-spirited Christmas celebration with events put up by our students. 

In supporting Unesco Hawker Cultural movement in Singapore, HWA has come round with the IB philosophy applying what they learn into action. They are confident to demonstrate their emerging profile, the Champion in the making.

The finale of the party ended with all HWA’s members gathered for a “Free-Spirited” Christmas celebration, songs, performance and the spread of snacks, candies, drinks, and cupcakes, all specially prepared by the supportive families. The unique “Unesco Hawker Christmas trees” took center stage, an interesting concept using recycled products glittered with candies hanging on the man-made petals and instant noodles, sitting comfortably on the tree. 

Indeed, HWA’s students will remember this fun-filled day, it ended with many hugs, selfies, and byes as the community went off for their long-awaited Winter Break.

See you in January 2019, Semester 2.

Thank you, HWA for giving me the opportunity to serve you in this blissful year.

Clarissa Lim

Principal, December 2018